SuccessConnect 2023 – expectations

Okay, just arrived at SuccessConnect, bumped into Eric, AJ and Aaron so far and met Nagesh.

Before the real thrust of SuccessConnect starts and I get the real info some thoughts about what we will see this week.

My Predictions

AI. Yes there will be AI mentioned, I think I will need a new t-shirt with

But I think I’ll have to work on getting it a bit more snappy.

Yes we will have more AI, some of it will even be provided to customers without additional charge, but for most use cases, especially generative AI there will be a charge. Will be interesting to see how Joule fits into the SAP SuccessFactors landscape.

There will be one or two new use cases for AI that I hadn’t thought of which will make me smile, but in general, I doubt I’m going to see these as “game changing” in the near future.

Opportunity Marketplace, there will be more discussion and hopefully some updates from customers that have been playing with the tool. I’m hoping to hear some numbers about ROI that

Recruitment finally the refresh we’ve been waiting for, but not without it’s challenges, why on earth did we loose the drag and drop. We’ll see a bit about this.

Learning – looking forwards to demos of new learning experience and understanding if and how there will be opportunities to extend it.

Talent Intelligence Hub – the bit I am looking forward to understanding more about, how can we best integrate all the components of the suite to provide a go to solution. I’m really excited about bringing in of licences and education into this model and away from custom MDFs, but see this also as a big challenge for many organisations, especially for those that are using concurrent employment.

Concurrent Employment/Higher Duties/Temporary assignments – we _should_ hear more about this, but honestly doubt we will. It addresses a real need in the market, but seems not so many people seeing this.

Okay, that’s all for now, will update afterwards with what I got right and wrong.