Back at SuccessConnect

How awesome was it to be back to see all the wonderful SAP SuccessFactors people in person. I now can actually recognise Ankur (CTO SuccessFactors) when I see him! Had some great conversations there. So impressed with all the work he and his teams have done on the migration to “next-gen” cloud – aka the hyper-scaler move. Throughly friendly chap – a new favourite for the Confidants group! We all enjoyed his frank and open discussions.

Finally met Meg in person!

The energy was amazing – and I’m not just talking about the party at TAO beach club which went OFF!

But even cooler was the clear message from SuccessFactors about returning value to their customers.

After many years of getting bad screen caps/photos of Amy I decided a video would be safest, and got her to vet the selfie! – shame I got the “old” model ,in video but still, the details are clear – a single employee talent/skill/competency model for use across the platform. And what is even better, no additional cost to customers. This is returning value for having a subscription.

Okay – my flight back to Aus boarding in 5 mins, where I’ll be off to SAUG Summit to present as soon as I get off the plane – think I’ve just about got the preso decks ready!

Thanks #SuccessConnect it was awesome!