“How soon is now?” or Thanks for listening

With many thanks to Meg Bear for listening and engaging and tweeting this video to question about how soon will the unofficial-official announcement that SuccessFactors customers will get more than one non-prod IAS instance.

So I was staying up late (12:30am online meeting) to join a partner IAS/IPS Q&A/briefing session, when I looked through the latest doco that SAP SuccessFactors had released about the connection of SuccessFactors and IAS tenants and I found something that I swear wasn’t there before…

The above can be found at: – SuccessFactors to IAS Tenant Mapping Guidelines

I did quickly check with Meg Bear that I wasn’t dreaming and this was real and she confirmed – yes this is now “public” and was real.

So yes Chris you can have “one more”

It’s really heartening when you go to the effort to put a case for a change of position to an organisation like SAP SuccessFactors and they listen, engage and then implement change. I’m really happy that customers are going to get another IAS for their non-prod environment, it makes so much sense. However, I’m even happier that this clearly shows how the team at SuccessFactors are willing to listen and work with the community to make the product better.

Win fricking win!

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean. 
Ryunosuke Satoro
Community FTW